Service and Price



Price: $175, including tax.

I am at your home or place of business as long as I need to be,  usually 2 hours, but I have spent up to  5 hours with clients who need extra help.

Comparison:  Other pet training services charge $80 per hour or more  to come and assess your dog! Then make arrangements to come back up to 6 times at $80 per hour! 

Other obedience teachers apply human psychology to dogs, I apply dog psychology to dogs.

Solving Issues

I can resolve the majority of issues and educate owners to resolve major problems or just make for a more peaceful home in one visit .

 I am an e-mail or phone call away. 

Lifetime commitment

Once you become a client of mine you have support for the dogs lifetime!

If  you are really having problems, I will come back for a minimum amount, $20 for transportation,  and work with you for client satisfaction, guaranteed. NO ADDITIONAL COST!