Obedience Classes in Arnprior!

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 NIck Smith Centre- ARNPRIOR 




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My Name is Robert Suffel. I am a canine behaviour specialist. I have been in Business for 15 years.

I go into people homes and explain dog behaviour and show them  what they need  to do to get their dog back to a more balanced state of mind.

I am working with a certified obedience trainer and we are holding dog ownership classes.

We teach you what it takes to be a more responsible dog owner.

We explain what a dog needs are and how to fulfill them.

We cover basic obedience including: sit, stay, recall, heal, loose leash, walking and more! 

  • Show you how to introduce dogs to each other .
  • Stop your dog from jumping on guests
  • Deal with your dog in a calm, confident way

 Real life solutions for real life problems! 


Puppy socialization classes:

7 X 1 hour sessions - $220

Dog ownership classes:

7 X 1 hour sessions - $260

ONLY 7 dogs per session ( two instructors)