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About me

About me


  My name is Robert Suffel, 

I am a Canine Behaviour Specialist.

I go into your home or place of work and explain dog psychology to you and show you what you need to do to get your dog back to a more balanced state of mind.

I practice the theory of pack leadership with a combination of positive and negative reinforcement

I never hit, abuse or mistreat a dog! 

Training & Educating


  If your dog has been kicked out of obedience class and asked to never come back, I'm your guy.

If your dog barks constantly, has separation anxiety, lunges at other dogs or any other problems, I can help!

I can resolve most issues in one visit. I am never in a hurry and never put a time limit on my visits.

I am a phone call or 

e-mail away!

Dogs, like all animals, live for the moment. They want to live in a balanced state. I work on educating  owners on how to keep their dogs in this balanced state of mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


I leave you and your family with the knowledge on how to interact with your dog in a calm, confident way, so they can trust and

respect you. 

I am prepared for any situation. 

I work with all breeds and 

all problems;

from fear to aggression and all other unwanted behaviours.

Your dogs happiness and balanced state of mind is my priority. 

Contact me - call 613-285-1157

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